The best writers of forensic science articles often have a criminal justice background.

The Police Writers 2008 Book of the Year.
What Every Chief Executive Should Know
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Police Technology
Raymond E. Foster  More Info

Ride the Thunder: A Vietnam War Story of Honor and Triumph
Richard Botkin  More Info

What is a Hero?: The American Heroes Press Short Story Anthology
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Leadership: Texas Hold 'Em Style
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The following links take you to a wide vareity of articles exploring issues in policing and law enforcement, including forensic science.

Article Categories

Legal Issues
Promotion and Hiring
Narcotics Investigations
General Policing/Criminal Justice Issues

Fiction and Short Stories


Defining Leadership

Leadership in Tough Times

The Jump Start

Ethics: How Essential Is It?

Morale: Whose Job is it anyways?

Promotion and Hiring

Five Tactics for Civil Service Exams

The Strategy of Preparing for Promotion

Eleven Tactics for Oral Interviews

Becoming a Cop - You and the Blue


Building an Organizational Foundation for the Future

Narcotics Investigations

Interdiction Seizures: Dope Vs. Cash

Methamphetamine Driven Combat Operations

Chasing Speed

10 Common Indicators for Highway Drug Interdiction

10 Common Hidden Compartments in Passenger Vehicles


Active Shooter

Disguised Weapons

Situational Awareness

Shimming Handcuffs

Law Enforcement Response to Bio-Hazards

Practical Firearm Concepts

Firearm Training Terms

Training the SWAT Mind

The Hazards of Directing Traffic

Preventing Body Armor Failure

Police Response to the Mentally Ill

Narcs and Weapons

Workplace Violence


Beslan: Cry of the Bear Cubs

Defining Terrorism: A Difference of Opinion

Terrorism: Crime or Asymmetrical Warfare?

Terry Nichols

Lessons Learned Overseas

Lessons learned overseas: Police technologies for counterterrorism

The London Tube Shooting of John Charles de Menezes

Murrell Building Bombing: Oklahoma City 1995


National Response Plan

Homeland Security: A Needs Assessment

The National Incident Management System: Rethinking Command and Control

Terrorism Organizational and Communication Strategies


An Introduction to California State Wiretaps

Electronic Crime Scene Investigations

Returning to the Scene of the Crime

Tailored Technology

Cop Cars: From Buckboard to Buck Rodgers

General Policing/Criminal Justice Issues

State Assurance of Irrecoverable Property in all Property Related Crimes, Dr. Prateep V. Philip, Indian Police Service

The Death Penalty: Cruel Vengeance or Justice Served

Baghwan Shree Rajneesh, Indian Guru

The Dark Side of the Badge

The Police Officer's Oath

Law Enforcement Use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Police Suicide Must be Stopped.

The World's Meanest Mom or Caring Parent

Eyewitness Identification Resource Guide

The Ability to Reason

When You Hear the Bugle Call

Juvenile Justice: Contradiction and Failure

Life is too Short

Legal Issues

Consent Searches

Protective Searches: Building Upon Terry v. Ohio

Fiction and Short Stories

The Bear and I


Bear's Lesson

The Saga of Standing Soldier


Jail Site Checks

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