Law Enforcement Officer: Guidebook for Background Checks and Polygraph Tests
Craig A. Zendzian  More Info

Examination and Cross-Examination of Experts in Forensic Psychophysiology Using The Polygraph
James Allan Matte  More Info

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Traditionally, we don't think of the use of the polygraph as a "forensic Science."  In may not be, but it is the use of science to answer a question.  Or, perhaps more exactly, it is the use of multiple sciences to aid a human being in search of a pattern of deception.  Whatever your take, the following link down loads the US Governments handbook on the use of the polygraph during investigations.

US Government Official Polygraph Handbook

2002 Supplement: Forensic Psychophysiology Using The Polygraph: Scientific Truth Verification - Lie Detection.
James Allan Matte  More Info

Handbook of Polygraph Testing
Academic Press  More Info

The Polygraph and Lie Detection
Committee to Review the Scientific Evidence on the Polygraph  More Info

Deception Detection: Winning The Polygraph Game
Charles Clifton  More Info

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