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PowerPoint Presentations on a wide variety of police, law enforcement and criminal justice issues.

Criminal Investigations - Part One

Criminal Investigations - Part Two

Cross Cultural Communications

Exploring Crime and Public Policy

Hate Crimes

Police Report Writing

Public Policy Analysis - Decision Making Part I

Public Policy Analysis - Decision Making Part II

Public Policy Analysis - Decision Making Part III

Policy Making in Policing

Organization and Administration of Law Enforcement Agencies

Uniformed Patrol - Tactics and Concepts

The following PowerPoint presentations are from the companion website to the book Police Technology.

Chapter One - Introduction to Police Technology

Chapter Two - Computer Basics

Chapter Three - Wireless Communications

Chapter Four - Networks

Chapter Five - Geographic Information

Chapter Six - A Brief History of Police Technology

Chapter Seven - Communications Dispatch Centers

Chapter Eight - Agency Systems

Chapter Nine - External Systems

Chapter Ten - The Internet and Law Enforcement

Chapter Eleven - Information Exchange

Chapter Twelve - Crime Analysis

Chapter Thirteen - Technology in Investigations

Chapter Fourteen - Wiretaps

Chapter Fifteen - Tracking and Surveillance

Chapter Sixteen - Hi Tech Crime

Chapter Seventeen - Major Incident and Disaster Response

Chapter Eighteen - Technology in the Street

Chapter Nineteen - Personnel and Training

Chapter Twenty - Managing and Implementing Technology

Chapter Twenty-one - Future and Emerging Technologies

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