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Rubica, Inc.: The Importance of Personal Cyber Security

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Rubica is a company that exists to protect the digital rights of every individual concerning privacy and security. In the end, they will reduce cyber crime. This is the company that is deemed with enough power to protect the image and cyber security of an international company. However, it is designed to promote your privacy and security for your business network, you, and your family.


The full-service schedule for Rubica will work to offer the necessary protection for all your devices no matter when or where you use the device. In addition to your security, private network and the human-assisted private learning technology is what is monitored by our service assistants so as to keep you safe wherever you are. Our cyber security personnel performs a routine analysis to monitor your activities to ensure you are safe from any form of personal information loss.


The elite personal cyber security team in Rubica is based in the United States. The company has been hired to work for high-end individuals in NAA, the US Navy, and the Scotland Yard. Rubica has over 10 years of professional experience in the cyber security industry. Rubica has also been noted as one of the best companies that provide digital and physical security for some of the prominent people in the world.


For the company to meet the needs of the growing demand for personal cyber security, they have developed machine-learning technology to ensure they are accurate about their protection at all costs. The company was also voted as one of the best technology companies in the United States by other businesses like Expa Labs, Slow Ventures, Upfront Ventures, and Hippeau Ventures.


Rubica also works with partners including investment groups, financial services, insurance and legal firms, and other companies to help them secure their information in their systems. The company also offers a wide range of cyber security services and agreements to their partners. Rubica is always happy to speak about individual promotions for awareness about the importance of online privacy and security.


The Importance of Cyber Security

For starters, a propagation of cyber-attacks is causing increasing damage to individuals, governments, and companies. For instance, let us consider the WannaCry attack that took place in March as the best example of what we are saying. The ransom ware affected more than 300,000 computers in less than 150 countries in the world. It is considered as one of the largest cyber security attacks ever since the invention of technology took place. Companies need to place measures to respond to the cyber security attacks immediately. When you look at the significant budget companies and international firms spend on cyber security, it is a clear indication how important this commodity is.


As it is indicated above, the number of such attacks is increasing day by day. Over $500 billion has been lost as a result of cyber security attacks for the last few years. This means the trend will increase if companies and individuals do not continue to protect themselves against this calamity. According to a recent report in cyber security, more than $6 trillion is lost every year as a result of vulnerabilities. This includes everything from destruction to damage of stolen money, data, intellectual property theft, lost productivity, financial data, personal information theft, fraud, embezzlement, post-attack business distractions, restoration of backed up systems, and forensic investigation.

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